AD-TN-0.1/GS Compressor

It is the Smallest Gasoline Version Portable Helium Recovery Machine with Three Cylinder for Compressor assemble in German, Net Weight is only 48kgs. Flow Rate is 6 M3/h. It is very easy to be transported and operate.It is high-pressure helium purity with air cool system.


  • Max Air Pressure: 2100 – 2400 psi / 15 Mpa -16.5 Mpa
  • Type: Air Cooling and Oil lubricated
  • Dimension: 80cmX36cmX40cm
  • Net Weight: 48 kgs
  • Packed Size: 86X54X45 cm
  • Gross Weight: 62 kgs
  • Output Capacity: 100 L/min
  • Flow: 6 m3/h
  • Engine: Gasoline(Subaru or Robin)
  • Power: 4 HP/ 3KW
  • RPM: 2250
  • Working Temperature(°C): +5~+45
  • Max Working altitude(m): 2000 m
  • Insulation Protection: F
  • Levels of protection: IP 54

Machine Photos

Machine works for Balloon & Blimp

Machine Video on youtube

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Detail and Features:

Compressor Block

JYCP3200 1020
  • Compressor block has been designed for the most demanding professional applications.Designed and Assembled in German at Air cooling, oil lubricated type
  • Three Cylinders,Three Stages, Air Cooled block,Stainless steel intercoolers and after cooler
  • Efficient and low energy consumption, Reliable oil lubrication of cylinder surface

Filter System

RYEQ3354 1020
  • Separated filter house made of Aluminum with Final Safety Valve enables particularly high levels of operational safety to be achieved
  • Pressure maintaining valve for optimum air processing
  • ilter system with integrated oil and water separator and pressure retention check valve can be relied upon for breathing air treatment conforming to DIN EN 12021

Filling Device and Hose

IMG 4942 1200 1
  • The filling device comprises a flxible high-pressure filling hose filling valve complete and final guage
  • Swivel hose connection enable the filling valve to connected the air cylinder quickly, easily and safely
  • The final pressure gauge makes it easy to read off the filling pressure
  • High quality and high-pressure filling hose made of long-life hose material for flexible and safe handing.


NJZF4980 1020
  • Power 4 HP
  • Four Cylinder
  • Subaru l or Robin
  • 3.5 CFM