About Us

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Tichuan International Co., Ltd is established in 2002, locates in Wuxi city,  Jiangsu Province China Mainland. It is a high professional company specialized in designing, creating, manufacturing a wide range of Helium Balloons, Rc Blimps and Helium Compressor.

Helium Balloons – It is very popular item in advertising and event market, with lighting it takes good effect at night. With lighting system developing, it takes new task for construction and rescue as balloon light tower, inflatable balloon light with AC or DC power.

Helium Blimps – Including Dynamic Rc Blimps and Static Tethered blimps. Another name for rc blimp is rc zeppelin or airship,it can be electrical or gasoline power as moving advertising logo or other special usage for different payload and flight time as clients want. Tethered blimp is for air promotion with different logo or sign.

Both of them need to be used helium gas, helium gas is not cheap, in order to save client’s cost on it, we develope helium recovery machine to recycle helium gas again and again for use.It has 6 m3/h, 13.2 m3/h ,16.2m3/h ,21 m3/h, 30 m3/h and 42 m3/h in gasoline or electrical version!

Why we can do best ?

We have more experience on balloons, helium compressors - hundreds of jobs every year for our clients.We provide High-Pressure Portable Helium Compressor at High-quality, Professional Service and Fast delivery.

Mr Forest - Sales Manger