Helium Compressor

Reclaim & Recover Helium Gas for Balloon and Blimp or transfer helium gas from a container to another at High-Pressure, Max pressure for Helium Cylinder is 2150 psi | 150 bar | 15 Mpa

Helium Gas!

Helium gas is not flammable and safe for use, cause it is noble gas not like hydrogen. Hydrogen is much more and cheaper than helium in this planet however it is not safety and most of countries forbid to use. The price of helium is expensive but now the price keeps rising up, but the need still have too big in market. The bad news is most of helium gas are used for Only One time - the wastage of helium gas is very uneconomical, it is very popular for Helium Balloons and Blimps.

Helium Gas 99.99%

Helium Gas 99.999%

Portable Helium Compressor !

With market comes to high competitive,we are thinking how to make business longer and bid more other company to get more business,then we came up with good solutions helium gas recovery and reclaim systems. It sucks the helium gas out of the balloons&airships, then compresses and pumps it back into helium tank/cylinder for repetitive use. It is an irreplaceable tool for companies that have to use airship/balloon.

Why we can do best ?

We have more experience on balloons, helium compressors - hundreds of jobs every year for our clients.We provide High-Pressure Portable Helium Compressor at High-quality, Professional Service and Fast delivery.

Mr Forest - Sales Manger